About PowerPoint Design

I am a Danish administrative assistant and I am a self taught graphic designer when it comes to PowerPoint presentations. My interest in PowerPoint began after I have been introduced to too many boring presentations with too much text, low resolution photos, default colors etc. That is a really “party killer” and often you loose concentration during a meeting with a 50 slide boring presentation. I decided that I could do it so much better and I realized that I have a native ability when it comes to pare colors, graphics etc.

I have completed a huge amount of online classes (and still do every week) to improve my skills. PowerPoint has almost endless possibilities and I still get surprised what it’s actually possible to create. It is fun and I love to challenge myself and the program too. 

Below you see a presentation to an imaginary company in my own design. The video is “high speed” – in real life the animations I use in presentations is much more smooth.



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