Boring default charts? Thanks but no thanks

How many times have you been introduced to boring charts in a PowerPoint presentation? I guess it’s uncountable right? PowerPoint gives the opportunity to import tables from Excel and transform it to a chart. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. It’s just so boring and predictable and if there is several slides with the same kind of charts in default colors it’s almost impossible to tell them apart after the meeting!

Why don’t we just make charts unique and interesting? 

That ‘s a good question indeed! However most people are not familiar with the alternatives or simply because the default charts in both Excel and PowerPoint are easy and fast to use. And because most people don’t have time enough to make an interesting presentation. Presenting several charts in a presentation is often a great way to visualize data, but it doesn’t have to be boring. I guess the presenter wants his audience to remember the information after they have left the meeting room right? I transform boring default charts (e.g.  bar- or pie charts) into something that the audience will remember. Sometimes I add animation to the charts in order to let the presenter go through the bars one by one but also to make the chart stand out from the crowd. I make the charts go from ordinary to extraordinary you might say.

Let me show you some examples of ordinary charts and some extra ordinary ones and tell me if you see the difference! 



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