What I need from you

The prepatory work is essential when it comes to designing a PowerPoint presentation. I am very structured in everything I do and that is how I work best. There is of course some quite elementary information I need from you in order to make you a presentation.

Choice of colors

Maybe your company uses some prescribed colors for your logo etc. Colors that must be included in the presentation. If so, I need the logo as a .png or .jpg file (high resolution). If not, it is almost up to you to decide what you like to express in the presentation. Different colors have different psychological impact on the viewer and that is good to keep in mind. When I say the choice of colors are almost up to you, I mean that we need to have a proper color scheme for the presentation. There are certain rules about paring colors and I can help you with that. 

Let’s say you want some blue/green colors. I’ll send you 3-4 color palettes to choose from and you tell me which one you like. I also use a contrasting color which is carefully chosen to match the palette you chose.

Below you see some examples of color schemes (don’t worry I have tons to choose from)


Perhaps you have a colorful photo you’d like me to use. It is very important that the photos (.jpg or .png) you are providing me are in high resolution. If you don’t have photos related to the content of your presentation I have a lot of photos in stock or I can find the ones you need online e.g. at Unsplash.com or Pixabay.com. Often black and white photos are my favorites because they will do great with any color scheme.

It might be you have a photo with colors you really love and will be perfect for your presentation and its content. I can drag the colors out from photos and make a color scheme out of it. Here’s some examples of colorful photos where I can create a palette with 4-5 colors. I never use more than maximum 5 colors plus black and white



You have to do a little work yourself before we get started. If you make me a storyboard in Word – one page per slide – it makes things so much easier and faster for me to design an awesome presentation. It doesn’t have to be nice and need you just jump your text into a document and I’ll do the magic. You can also open a new PowerPoint presentation and insert the text into the preferred slides and in the order you want to present your content. If you have some data you want to be shown in e.g. charts you leave a note on the specific slide. Perhaps you have an Excel table with data! I can import that to PowerPoint and extract the data from it to make a beautiful chart – not the default ones but a customized one that makes the data stand out visually. Please note that if you make the storyboard in Word, and you want me to include logo and photos into your presentation, I need the photos sent separately. If you make the storyboard in PowerPoint you can insert the photos in the slides where you want them to be.

Les is more and when it comes to PowerPoint presentations you need to keep in mind that only one or two informations per slide is preferable. The presentation is only to visualize your oral speech. It is not a manuscript.

No bullets please

You can put bullets into the storyboard but I’m not going to make bullets in a presentation – ever! It’s a total no-go. I will transform the bullets into nice visual bullets instead.


When the presention is made

I will send you the presention and if you have any adjustments I will make them. It is also extremly important that you trie out and get familiar with the animations – when to click and when not – before you are going to present it to an audience. I attach a guide for each slide for you to see which animation that needs to be activated by click and which one is automatically animated.

When I receive your final approval I delete all the text, photos, logo etc. you sent me. Discretion and trust is extremely important to me especially when people provide me sensitive information and company related content very sensitive information to me.

Depending on the amount of slides I need time to make a proper presention for you. I don’t spend unnecessary time creating a presentation,  but I am very detail-oriented so please give me time to create a presentation both of us can be proud of. We also need some time for adjustments so don’t expect me to create a last-minute-presentation.

I am looking forward to make you an outstanding presention that your audience will remember!

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